The Crypto Gods project began as a telegram group created by DeFi prophet & NFT Messiah - Crypto Jesus. 


Legend has it, this was the most blessed community in all the land. Prosperity was bestowed upon all who joined and the news spread fast. Crypto enthusiasts, traders and artists from across the land would flock to see for themselves. Everyone is welcome to our peaceful group made up of noobs, experts and everyone in between who all get along and follow the 10 Crypto Commandments.

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'the telegram of the gods'

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After blessing the group with divine entries and seeing the good spirits amongst all members, the crypto gods launched the token of the gods $DIVINE.


The Gallery of The Gods (NFT project) was announced and a token presale commenced. There were 666,666 tokens available but more was added due to popular demand and community consensus. Everybody in the presale who bought 3333 tokens ore more ($100) we're blessed with The Crypto Gods first official NFT 'The Pill of The Gods' in partnership with top selling Rarible artist 'Daily Dose NFT'.



The Crypto Gods have an array of DeFi products, NFT projects and stellar partnerships in the works. Please keep up to date by subscribing to the mailing list, joining the Telegram channel & group, and take a look around the site for more information on what to expect.

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