The presale HAS NOW CLOSED

(21;21pm UTC time April 7th)

'The Pill of The Gods' Presale NFT was for members who hold 3333 tokens or more ($100). This NFT is in collaboration with creator 'DAILY DOSE NFT' and is the first official NFT by The Crypto gods. The not was airdropped after the presale closed (APRIL 7th). there are a few extra for community giveaways and TGOTG.

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The presale sold a total of 1,166,568 tokens and raised $34,995.


After the presale the project migrated $TCG (erc20) holders over to $DIVINE (bep20) and then all hodlers were allocated a 100% token bonus via a $DIVINE airdrop.


there are two presale tokens of the gods


$TCG - for Ethereum network


 $DIVINE - for Binance Smart Chain


for this presale There are 666,666 of each token available in two separate private pools. 

buy any token and you will receive the other in an airdrop at a 1;1 ratio. so you only need to buy one. 


There is no minimum buy in but the total hard cap 

is approx $20,000 for each token.

The price of both tokens is 0.03 cents.


To get $TCG - go to dodo dex 

 Connect your metamask wallet whilst on the ethereum network.


You can buy with eth, usdt or any other

token available in your wallet.

if you need to import the token then use this address:


To get $DIVINE - go to dodo dex 


Connect your metamask wallet whilst using

Binance smart chain.

you can buy with BNB, BUSD or any other

token available in your wallet.

if you need to import the token then use this address:


*The token is not on the market yet and the price is locked and can not change no matter how many are bought and sold. This is simply a pool of tokens for presale investors only. 

 Pre-sale funds will be used for development & marketing.



For legal reasons we have to make everyone aware that some people may have legal implications for buying presale or IDO tokens related to The Crypto Gods project due to the laws in their country. This project is currently UK based and we advise you to follow the legal guidelines of whichever country you are based in. Some countries may have rules against presales & IDO’s for their citizens. We can not control what anyone does and we welcome everybody into this community. This disclaimer is to ensure the team and The Crypto Gods project has no liability for the actions of token buyers and investors. 

With the support of our blessed community this project can develop

quickly and progress at a divine rate.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions on Telegram / Twitter.

Blessed art thou HODLERS 🙏