The crypto gods observed the behaviour in the crypto world and decided that there must be some order!

Crypto Jesus was ordered to climb the highest summit in the land to collect a tablet from the gods that held the sacred rules. 


The peak of this mountain was 30x higher than largest known Elliot wave but the traitorous journey was worth it. For we know, what we must do and must not do in order to please the gods and receive more blessings from the heavens.

The 10 crypto commandments


1. thou shalt not fud

2. thou shalt not fomo

3. thou shalt protect thy private key

4. thou shalt master the art of hodling

5. thou shalt not possess weak hands

6. thou shalt not rug

7. thou shalt ape defi coins & ido's

8. thou shalt take profits and btfd

9. thou shalt not envy thy neighbour's nft

10. thou shalt welcome noobs and tell thy neighbour to dyor